Tax Planning After the Healthcare Surtax: Tools, Tips, and Tactics


Tax Planning After the Healthcare Surtax, by Robert S. Keebler, Stephen J. Bigge, Michelle J. Ward, Peter J. Melcher and Christopher W. Schuler, analyzes and explains the application of the 3.8% surtax, strategies to avoid the surtax and more. In addition to an explanation of the issues, it provides a variety of tools, including client letters, checklists, PowerPoints, charts and flow charts. This downloadable (PDF) book is packed with citations, explanations and examples. Learn how to protect your clients' interests, minimize the effects of this surtax, implement practices that will yield benefits in 2013 and beyond, and preserve client assets. PFP/PFS members save an additional 10% off the already reduced AICPA member price.

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