Dewhurst Joins Chemical Manufacturers to Tout Economic Benefits of Shale Gas


The American Chemistry Council, Texas Chemical Council, East Harris County Manufacturers Association, and the Greater Houston Partnership today hosted an expert panel of political and business leaders for a roundtable policy discussion on how abundant and affordable supplies of natural gas from shale will create jobs, boost exports and increase investment in Texas.

Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst joined ACC President and CEO Cal Dooley, TCC President and CEO Hector Rivero, and Texas business executives at the event held at the University of Houston Hilton Hotel to discuss the importance of shale gas to our nation's energy future and the growth of the Texas chemical and manufacturing industries.

"Shale gas is a game changer for the chemistry industry. Abundant and affordable supplies of natural gas are driving the chemistry industry's growth and dramatically improving our competitiveness globally," Dooley said. "We now have a huge price advantage over our foreign competitors. That's good news not just for the chemistry industry. Our competitive edge is revitalizing American manufacturing."

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