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There were 643 responses to this week's survey, where nearly 60% responded "yes" and about 40% responded "no." Based on the results, investors appear to be fairly split on whether self-regulation serves a useful purpose in today's securities and financial services marketplace. This divide may reflect the disparate use of self-regulation in different markets (e.g., the legally recognized self-regulatory organizations in the United States, the move away from a system of self-regulation in the U.K.) or a need for clarity on the different types of systems that comprise "self-regulation." CFA Institute is reviewing the use of self-regulation around the world and welcomes your input. Your responses to a brief questionnaire would help us assess the use of self-regulatory models in different markets and assist in the analysis of whether emerging or developed markets find them most useful. -- Linda Rittenhouse, Director, Capital Markets Policy, CFA Institute

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