$1B needed to repair deficient sewer lines in Fla. county

The 7,500-mile network of sewer lines in Miami-Dade County, Fla., needs $1 billion or more for repairs and upgrades after federal environmental agencies filed a report about the county's aging sewer infrastructure, stating that they "have inspected Miami-Dade's [wastewater collection treatment system] and [wastewater treatment plants] and have discovered a number of improper management, operations, and maintenance practices." Doug Yoder, deputy director for regional compliance at Miami-Dade’s Water and Sewer Department, said, "We would like to think there’s state and federal assistance. But this is ultimately going to come back to rates. It will require our rates go up, either to generate cash or to pay bonds back."

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Feds file complaint, demand Miami-Dade County fix faulty sewer lines - Miami Herald, The

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