Sprint's busy day: LTE update, mobile hot spot, HTC Evo 4G

Sprint Nextel's deployment of its Long-Term Evolution network may take some time, but the infrastructure might prove stronger than that of other carriers because of upgrades to Sprint's 3G network, Senior Vice President Bob Azzi said Wednesday at International CTIA Wireless®. In line with its fragmented network, Sprint unveiled the Tri-Fi Hotspot, which will share broadband connections on CDMA, WiMAX and LTE networks. In Wi-Fi, Sprint said it had introduced an "intelligent client" to its networks that's aimed at making it easier for subscribers to find and recall hot spots. Sprint also said its HTC Evo 4G LTE phone would hit the market May 18 for $200.

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For LTE network, slow but steady will win the day, Sprint says - Computerworld - Computerworld · CNET · Computerworld · CNET

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