Alliance, others rally against Oracle API appeal

06/3/2013 | Ars Technica

The Application Developers Alliance in concert with TMSOFT, Rackspace and Stack Exchange voiced their opposition of Oracle's motion to appeal a Northern California district judge's decision that APIs cannot be copyrighted. The parties filed an amicus brief on Friday. Oracle is hopeful that the overall organization as well as the arrangement of its Java APIs can be copyrighted, Megan Geuss writes. "It's like using the + sign to mean addition," Joel Spolsky, chairman of the Application Developers Alliance Board of Directors and CEO and co-founder of Stack Exchange, wrote in a press release. "Letting one company copyright APIs would be like letting one company have a monopoly on the use of the + sign. It's nothing more than a ridiculous, shameful attempt to abuse the legal system for the purpose of extortion."

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