House passes infrastructure funding as economic stimulus:


In reaction to the recent financial crisis, the House adopted a $60.8 billion economic stimulus package on Friday designed to provide funding for infrastructure and other programs. However, the Senate did not act on a similar measure. ASCE and its coalition partners strongly support infrastructure spending as an economic stimulus since it would not only begin to improve the failing state of the nation's infrastructure, but has the ability to create jobs in the economically hard-hit construction industry. ASCE sent a letter to both House and Senate leaders urging the inclusion of infrastructure in the stimulus. House action on Friday was a significant step forward. ASCE is encouraged that policymakers on the House side see infrastructure as a key part of economic health. This victory was the result of hard work throughout the past year by ASCE's key contacts. When Congress reconvenes in January, ASCE will push for positive action by the full Congress. To share your views on infrastructure and to read more about the proposed stimulus, visit the ASCE government relations blog, Our Failing Infrastructure.

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