NASBP Nov. 27 Virtual Seminar: Contract Bond Forms -- What To Look For And What Might Be Missing


Subtle differences in performance and payment bonds can make a tremendous impact in the principal's and surety's liability on a bond. Do you know what these vital differences are? Join us at 2 p.m. Eastern time Nov. 27 for the Virtual Seminar titled Contract Bond Forms -- What To Look For And What Might Be Missing, when Steve Nelson, Esq., executive vice president and general counsel of SureTec Insurance, will describe what triggers the surety's obligations on a bond, what the bond covers and when suits on the bond are barred. Also, Nelson, who is also president of SureTec Information Systems, will explain when the surety has an option to perform and when its options are limited, who may make a claim on the payment bond and how long they have to do so, and what a surety can do to shorten limitations or narrow the scope of coverage. Nelson oversees SureTec's claims, funds disbursement and subcontractor prequalification operations, mediates construction industry disputes for others, and teaches construction and procurement law and dispute resolution at the University of Texas School of Engineering. Registration for each Virtual Seminar is $69 per site. Visit to register now.

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