TRI's Dr. Steven R. Smith comments on clinical status of promising obesity therapy


As biopharma firms continue to explore the value of treatments for the severely obese, certain drugs in development, including Zafgen, Inc.'s beloranib, are receiving greater attention. Zafgen announced earlier this month that it has initiated Phase 2a clinical testing of its anti-obesity drug beloranib following positive results from three consecutive Phase 1b studies that showed rapid weight loss and reductions in body fat in addition to other significant improvements among participants. In the news release by Zafgen announcing the results, Steven R. Smith, M.D., TRI's scientific director, commented: "This new trial will evaluate how the effects of this novel therapy extend with longer treatment in patients with type 2 diabetes, an important obesity-related co-morbid condition, and will be an important scientific milestone in shaping its use in the treatment of obesity and its related conditions." Read more here.