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Engaging your members with the industry intelligence they need to make informed decisions – that’s smart, very smart.

SmartBrief is the premier provider of high-quality, need-to-know industry news in partnership with leading trade associations, professional societies and corporate entities. By choosing and writing only the most relevant content, SmartBrief ensures your members, supporters or clients stay engaged and informed – and your leadership shines through.

Human-Driven Content

Provide busy professionals with a comprehensive digest of the most relevant and timely industry news, written by a team of expert industry editors with your voice in mind.

Audience Growth

Grow your database of current and prospective members and supporters while engaging them in your thought leadership, events, advocacy and educational opportunities.

On-Demand Data and Insights

Gain valuable insights into the issues and trends most critical to your members and the industry as a whole.

Advertising Opportunities

Take advantage of in-brief advertising to promote your key initiatives, and work closely with SmartBrief to provide vendors and sponsors with thought leadership and brand awareness opportunities through advertising and content marketing.

Website Traffic

Drive traffic to your online tools and resources. Current partners say that SmartBrief e-newsletters are one of the biggest drivers of their website traffic.

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What our partners are saying
"The relationship with SmartBrief spans 15 years and the quality of content makes our daily brief a must-read in our industry, and one of our most valued member benefits. The SmartBrief team is indispensable in exploring ways to boost readership, collaborate with partners, and help us support overall member communications."
Ken Leonardo
Vice President, Marketing
"I have worked with SmartBrief on an industry Brief from concept through to 65,000 subscribers and growing, and they have been one of my most valuable partners in raising visibility, PR efforts and getting our message in front of our members without spamming them with email blasts. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering doing a newsletter for their organization!"
Elizabeth Arritt
Director, Marketing, Conferences and Publications
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
"AdvaMed has partnered with SmartBrief on our industry newsletter for over seven years. We regularly get feedback from our members that the daily email is the only one they consistently read and that the content and design are spot on."
Ashley McMaster
Associate Vice President, Membership and Business Development
Advanced Medical Technology Association
"It is a pleasure to work with the staff at SmartBrief. They are very professional and consistently produce quality briefs for us. All of us at CTA have been very happy with our relationship with SmartBrief and look forward to continuing to work together."
Cindy Stevens
Senior Director
Consumer Technology Association
"SmartBrief is a powerful tool that has given us a foundation to strengthen our other publications – it has raised the bar."
Craig Fuller
Former President & CEO
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
"SmartBrief enables us to communicate what’s happening in the retail industry, but also tie it in to our own priorities and objectives."
Sarah Rand
Vice President, Digital Communications
National Retail Federation