4A's SmartBrief

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4A's SmartBrief

Published in partnership with: American Association of Advertising Agencies

Prudential sets domino-collapsing record in retirement ad


  • MediaPost Communications

Prudential is continuing its trend of making commercials around people joining up for a crowdsourced experience, this time knocking over a 30-foot-tall domino and setting a Guinness world record in th… Read More

AAF SmartBrief

The latest marketing and advertising news and information

AAF SmartBrief

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Marketers also camped out in Apple Store lines


  • Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model), The

Many marketers took advantage of the long lines outside of Apple Stores this past week, entertaining the many customers waiting to purchase the latest iPhones. Tech companies handed out food and drink… Read More

SmartBrief for Health Care Marketers

Health care marketing news

SmartBrief for Health Care Marketers

Published in partnership with: Coalition for Health Care Communication

Drugmakers sow seeds of doubt about generics


  • National Post (Canada)

Some brand-name drugmakers are using tactics such as sponsoring talks by doctors and pharmacists and publishing articles in trade magazines to raise doubts about the benefits of generic drugs and whet… Read More

IAB SmartBrief

Interactive advertising news and information

IAB SmartBrief

Published in partnership with: Interactive Advertising Bureau

David Shing: Programmatic has great creative potential


  • Drum (Glasgow, Scotland), The

Programmatic ad buying has the potential to increase creativity and engagement, but human interaction with the campaigns is still vital to uncovering real-time effectiveness, according to AOL's David … Read More

ISA SmartBrief

News about signs and visual communications

ISA SmartBrief

Published in partnership with: International Sign Association

Ariz. church takes its sign fight to the Supreme Court


  • Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments next year in a case brought by the Good News Community Church in Gilbert, Ariz. The church argues that rules limiting the size and placement of signs adverti… Read More

NCC Media SmartBrief

Cable industry advertising news

NCC Media SmartBrief

Published in partnership with: NCC Media

NCC Media purchases CNN ad time for local political ads


  • Multichannel News

NCC Media CEO Greg Schaefer says his company has secured advertising slots on CNN that politicians could use to run local ads in the weeks leading up to the upcoming elections. The time purchased is i… Read More

 ANA SmartBrief on Marketing Leadership

Advertising and marketing leadership news

ANA SmartBrief on Marketing Leadership

Published in partnership with: Association of National Advertisers

How to stop worrying about algorithms and engage audiences


  • SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Social Media

Algorithms, analytics and paid posts have their place in social media marketing, but organizing your strategy around direct response can be a bulwark against constantly moving goalposts, writes Jessic… Read More