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Can Louis XIV save Perry?


  • Reuters

Attorneys representing embattled Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry have brought out the big guns in his defense, invoking French monarch Louis XIV and Roman Emperor Augustus. Perry is facing charges of… Read More

Let values be your guide


  • Fast Company online

Values should be at the forefront of a startup culture, writes Bhavin Parikh, CEO and co-founder of Magoosh. Values should guide every aspect of your leadership, including hiring and decision-making, … Read More

Green lawns turn brown after small, black "armyworms" invade


  • KSDK-TV (St. Louis)

An invasion of "armyworms" can turn green, healthy lawns brown in as little as 48 hours per half acre. The worms are small and black and create an odor similar to pet urine on the lawn, said Mark Blac… Read More

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