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German court orders $3B reimbursement to energy companies


  • Oman Daily Observer

A German court has ordered that utilities be reimbursed for a nuclear fuel rod tax. The court ruled that a total of $3 billion must be returned to the country's five biggest energy companies until the… Read More

U.S. can learn from Europe in terms of refinery safety


  • Louisiana Weekly, The

The U.S. can learn from Europe when it comes to improving safety standards for oil refineries, particularly in implementing proactive policies that could prevent spills and other accidents, writes Sus… Read More

U.S. Navy makes a splash with seawater-to-fuel technology


  • Huffington Post, The

The U.S. Navy is working on a new technology that can turn seawater into fuel capable of powering its fighter jets. The system involves extracting hydrogen from water, then processing it into hydrocar… Read More