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What happens to people who get subsidies, then find out they shouldn't?


  • Kaiser Health News

People who received subsidies for purchasing health insurance through an Affordable Care Act exchange and are found to be ineligible for that aid will have to pay it back, but maybe not the full amoun… Read More

Parmesan cheese pulled by 4C Foods due to salmonella risk


  • Food Poisoning Bulletin

4C Foods recalled 308 cases of 4C Grated Cheese HomeStyle Parmesan because of potential contamination with salmonella. The affected product, sold in Wisconsin, South Dakota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Mi… Read More

Healthy diets have room for dark chocolate, RDs say


  • Las Vegas Review-Journal

Chocolate can be part of a healthy diet, but dark chocolate, with 70% cacao or higher, is better than milk chocolate because it contains fewer added ingredients that can drive up calories, registered … Read More