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Gamified apps may not promote behavior change, study says


  • Employee Benefit News

Fitness and health applications based on gamification and rewards, which are used in employee wellness programs, may not focus on behavior change and could de-motivate people over time, Brigham Young … Read More

Listeria risk prompts recall of smoked prosciutto speck in Canada


  • Food Poisoning Bulletin

Concord Premium Meats and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency pulled Marc Angelo smoked prosciutto speck because of possible Listeria contamination. The affected product, sold in Quebec and Ontario, c… Read More

FDA definition of "healthy" is outdated, dietitian says


  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The FDA's definition of "healthy" is outdated and does not reflect current nutrition science, registered dietitian nutritionist Andrew Wade writes. The definition excludes foods such as avocados and n… Read More