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The best stories for chemical engineers

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Ala. Supreme Court affirms Pfizer can be sued over generic drug


  • Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model), The

The Alabama Supreme Court upheld its decision that Pfizer can be held liable after a man said he was harmed by a generic copy of its heartburn drug Reglan because the company reportedly did not warn h… Read More

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The best stories about the chemical industry

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Chemical shippers push back on rising rail cargo rates


  • Bloomberg

The average shipping cost per railcar has jumped 93% since 2001, according to the American Chemistry Council. Dow Chemical and other shippers are asking for a Surface Transportation Board mandate that… Read More

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Oil and natural gas industry news

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Pemex starts restructuring after approval of Mexico's energy policy overhaul


  • Reuters

Mexico's state-run Petroleos Mexicanos said Wednesday that it has started to realign its structure as part of the country's recently approved energy policy reform. Pemex will maintain its exploration … Read More

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News for the cleaning products industry

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All's social media campaign seeks videos of dirtiest summer moments


  • Retailing Today

All laundry detergent is integrating mobile devices into its latest ad campaign, "Summer Play." The campaign encourages parents to take videos of their children's dirtiest summer moments, edit them on… Read More

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Smart news on global fats and oils

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Study: Up to 25% canola meal in weaned pig diet won't stunt growth


  • FeedNavigator

Feed with as much as 25% canola meal can be fed to weaned pigs without compromising their growth, according to a study funded by the Canadian government and the Canola Council of Canada. "Canola meal … Read More

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Shale oil and natural gas news

Shale SmartBrief Powered by API

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IEA: U.S. shale boom drives oil-producing countries to attract foreign investors


  • Bloomberg Businessweek

The U.S. shale boom is driving other oil-producing countries to gradually move away from resource nationalism and open their oil industries to foreign investors, said Antoine Halff, head of the oil in… Read More