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CEA SmartBrief

Consumer electronics news and information

CEA SmartBrief

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Amazon expands content offerings on Fire TV voice search


  • Digital Trends

Amazon will make all of the content from Hulu Plus, Sony's Crackle and the Showtime Anywhere applications available in its Fire TV voice search function, the company said Thursday. Other features on t… Read More

CTIA SmartBrief

Wireless industry news

CTIA SmartBrief

Published in partnership with: CTIA-The Wireless Association

TSMC exec: Apple's 64-bit chip set off me-too mobile processors


  • CNET

Chipmakers have followed Apple's surprise September 2013 move to a 64-bit processor, Mark Liu, co-CEO of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, said Thursday at an earnings conference. Liu said TSMC has … Read More

Location SmartBrief: Business Game Changer

News on location business intelligence and data

Location SmartBrief: Business Game Changer

Published in partnership with: LBx Journal

Hacking group to harness location data for climate change insight


  • Guardian (London), The

"Civic hackers" in Philadelphia have formed a group called Code for Philly that plans to collect air pollution and temperature data from sensors attached to buses throughout the city. The project seek… Read More

SCTE SmartBrief

Cable telecommunication news.

SCTE SmartBrief

Published in partnership with: The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers

Ciena touts 200G tech for subsea cables


  • Light Reading

The Japan-U.S. Cable Network consortium has conducted a trial of Ciena's 16 QAM 200G technology on a segment of its California network extending for nearly 400 miles, according to Ciena. While the com… Read More

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