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Sen. John McCain

The late Sen. John McCain demonstrated three core values in his life and work, says S. Chris Edmonds.

How to vet edtech tools

Eight questions you should ask when evaluating edtech tools and research.

What is your view of retirement?

Supply chain plays a crucial role in smart home success
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In this post, learn how to tackle the complexities of the smart home supply chain, from incorporating tech into traditional products to achieving retail-readiness and preparing your return supply chain.


You can become more mindful even when your organization doesn't have a formal program.

What’s trending? From credit recovery to K-12 challenges, don’t miss these most-read stories.

Video, personalized emails, consumer content and other highly-engaging marketing tactics should be part of every business strategy -- no matter the size of the company.

Hershey acquires Pirate Brands

News of Hershey's acquisition of Pirate Brands struck a chord with readers this week, as did stories from Kroger and Chick-fil-A.

Bruce Springsteen

Like a good actor, leaders know that performance is not about them; it is about generating an experience for the audience.


There is a way to be appreciated and valued in your role. It’s simple, but powerful. Here’s what you do: Serve the people in your company well.

How to pay for your online MBA
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Practical funding strategies for online candidates.

As digital marketing becomes more sophisticated and pinpointed, marketers must know what messages to deliver and how to do it effectively.

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Helping cities combat gun violence

Toshiba exec talks retail’s converging channels and today’s digital consumers
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In this Q&A, Toshiba exec Kirk Goldman talks about findings from new Toshiba research on today's consumers, technology in retail and unified commerce.

gen z food culture

Millennials may be the prized target of the moment for marketers, but Gen Z is not-so-silently waiting in the wings, poised to make their own mark and blaze their own trail in contemporary lifestyles and food culture.