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Here’s how you should be getting ready for a team sales pitch to give your company the best chance for success.

Stop listening to the sexists of the world; start listening to our hearts and our heads.

Little Debbie creates a social media stir with snack-related tweet

Sweet snack brands Little Debbie, Hostess, Ferrero, Mars made news this week.

David Axelrod

Former Obama adviser surprises with measured criticism of fellow Democrats


"You’ve got to get your ego out of the way, because it’s constantly wanting to take over."

The Death of Truth

Media luminaries weigh the future of news at GFLC 2017

Getting your products to rank in relevant searches on Amazon is very similar to getting your website to rank on Google.

Market Outlook panel at GFLC 2017

Expert labels clearinghouses "too-big-to-fail"

Five lessons as millennials mature and evolve

We not only uncover how the subgroups within this generation think and behave differently, but we also dive into how millennials differ from the population overall. Here are five early findings.

Shopping mall

Here are some ways retailers should consider creating more meaningful experiences for shoppers this holiday season.


As a leader, what if you feel you’re not innovative? It's possible to create a mindset that will allow you to develop your creativity.

Ian Bremmer and J.D. Vance discuss geopolitical uncertainty with Gillian Tett

Ian Bremmer and J.D. Vance discuss geopolitical uncertainty with Gillian Tett

Ban Ki-Moon speaks at GFLC 2017

Former United Nations Secretary-General highlights climate change, terrorism and trouble on the Korean Peninsula

Last week's poll question: Which do you manage more closely: your personal finances or your business’ finances?

3 ways to use video for training

Three benefits to using video for exchanging ideas and supporting instruction.