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You can't have a strong bench if you aren't inspiring your people -- and holding them accountable.

Taco Bell debuts modern look

Taco Bell’s debut of a modern, updated look at four of its Calif. locations was this week’s most-clicked story, and readers were also drawn to news that chef Mario Batali was tapped to prepare the final state dinner hosted by President Obama.


Emojis are not just for expressing emotion. Here's how marketers can use them.

There is no safe way to be great, and, there is no great way to be safe. The safe paths have all been taken. The paths left to us require risk.


3 ideas for connecting real-life politics to classroom practices.

How Chevron leverages social media in a crisis

Chevron's Olivia Harting discusses how to prepare, what to do during, and how to learn from a crisis using social media.

How KIND is redefining healthy

Snack brand KIND has gained fans with its nut bars and other snacks, and made headlines when its petition prompted the FDA to review its definition of the term "healthy." The company's Stephanie Perruzza discusses what healthy means at KIND.


Once you give in to fear, a pattern begins to develop where you continue to avoid the fear by giving in to it.

11 entrepreneurs share one HR function that they think fouders hold on to too long

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Use technology to capture more revenue for your city

10 apps for foundational math skills

Ten digital tools to help students master foundational math skills.

How trusting are you when you work with someone new? SmartPulse -- our weekly nonscientific reader poll in SmartBrief on Leadership -- tracks feedback from more than 210,000 business leaders

"Leadership happens at all levels, and there is a lot more than just your place on the org chart that determines how much of a leader that you are."

Snapchat logo

Here are a few ways small businesses can start using Snapchat to support your social media marketing plan.

Supermarket prepared foods

Supermarket prepared food departments are the fastest-growing segment of the foodservice industry, and in the past few years, consumer perceptions of supermarket prepared foods have risen sharply.