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SmartBrief CEO Rick Stamberger in what's happening at SmartBrief and what's next.


Leaders from metro areas recently met at the Brookings Institution to discuss youth summer jobs programs.

coaching teachers in botswana

Educator reflects on coaching local teachers in Botswana about technology and student engagement.

Andy Sernovitz: How FedEx built a social media command center, and how you can too

FedEx builds a social media command center to monitor and management content.

Veterinarian working with a feline patient.
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An interview with Dr. Patricia Wohlferth-Bethke that discusses veterinary professionals and how to ensure you land the job of your dreams.

Peel away your mask, especially if you want to make your mark in the corporate world, where everyone is expected to wear a facade of some kind.

Tacos made with fresh tortillas at Oyamel

Across the US, restaurants are investing in better ingredients and time-consuming traditional methods to elevate tortillas from an afterthought to an authentic, delicious part of the dining experience.

What motivated employees 20 or 30 years ago doesn’t inspire today’s millennial workers. Attracting and retaining talented employees requires creativity, experimentation with benefits and work structure, and more.

Have you ever struggled transitioning from one level to the next, like from manager to director?

Educator Nick Provenzano shares how project-based learning in his classroom gets students wrestling with ideas and coming up with creative solutions to problems.

Leadership conversations

Communication and conversation aren't the same thing. Not knowing the difference could doom your strategy.

A wrap up of the new edtech products and services that debuted this month.


An increasing number of organizations are supplementing formal training with workplace mentoring programs. Here's what Praxair has done.

convenience store

As this segment continues to evolve, there are opportunities for manufacturers and distributors to help c-stores meet modern consumers’ needs. 

Produce plays a big part in Wal-Mart's food-waste reduction plans

A GMO labeling law, an overtime bill and supermarket growth plans rated with readers this week