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Research into persuasion suggests that smart leaders will first seek to understand what the other people is thinking -- and why -- before attempting to sway them.

Top 10: Target CEO discusses store's grocery future

News about Sabra and Tostitos' new Guacamole Grab N' Go snack was this week's most clicked story, and Target made the list twice with news about its future in the grocery game.


As tech companies struggle to build diversity, they should remember that empathy can be a transformative tool for deconstructing unconscious biases and building understanding between people of different backgrounds.


A new school year equals new design options. Learn how to involve students in design decisions.

Chances are, even if CEOs think they're actively listening to the employee voice of an organization, the workforce doesn’t agree.


Willpower is something that can be learned and can be strengthened with practice. It’s also a vital component of mental toughness.

Five years’ worth of research reveal some interesting facts about the edtech funding pipeline.

8 entrepreneurs offer advice for leaders who want to find out, "Am I doing a bad job?"


For the fifth year in a row, the number of operators offering breakfast has increased, making the space one of the most competitive dayparts in the industry today.

Overcoming teacher tech phobia

Three ways to encourage teachers to venture out of their comfort zones with technology.

SmartPulse -- our weekly nonscientific reader poll in SmartBrief on Leadership -- tracks feedback from more than 210,000 business leaders. How do you view your need for skill development?

""I don’t have patience for excuses. We all make mistakes. The first part of learning is admitting."

SCOUT's Social Bark

The big news in social media this month was the debut of Instagram's Stories feature.

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Airlines are working to better utilize up-to-the-minute information about customers, preferences and revenue streams