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Choosing a digital portfolio

What you should consider when selecting an e-portfolio solution.

Lloyd Blankfein

Goldman Sachs takes on the Volcker rule, banking disruptors, and the $1 trillion fund


Like a lifeguard, be fully present and vigilant, monitoring and coaching the quality of your work culture, every second of every day.

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Using technology to better connect people with their cities

Last week's poll question: When is the last time you dealt with a serious medical issue for yourself?

Total Eclipse

Total eclipse of the sun, Mnuchin minds his business, Cohn atop an independent Fed, and Ray Dalio speaks his mind

Meatless options make headway in more groceries, restaurants

As a growing number of consumers lean toward plant-based diets, restaurants and food manufacturers are responding with meatless offerings like The Beyond Burger.


Turned down for a raise? You need a plan if you're going to bounch back.

What’s trending? From the eclipse to student interventions, don’t miss these most-read stories.

Top 10: Chuck E. Cheese gets a new look, Applebee’s returns to its roots

Chuck E. Cheese shows off an updated format, Applebee's brings back meal deals


Last week's poll question: When is the last time you unplugged for a few days and took a real break from work?

Steve Bannon

Bannon gets the boot, the personnel policing Wall Street, Jeffrey Gundlach gets feisty, and why Jesse Eisinger is smirking.

Big Data to date has helped both sides in the struggle between consumers and corporations. We have to make sure it remains a fair fight.


Here are the research-backed values, attitudes and behaviors shown by great organzations.

Las Ramblas

Terror on Las Ramblas, hedge funds dabbling in sports betting, quant fund crisis alert, and how renewables have become just like TARP.