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Las Ramblas

Terror on Las Ramblas, hedge funds dabbling in sports betting, quant fund crisis alert, and how renewables have become just like TARP.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon

Consumer credit landscape flashing red, Amazon finances Whole Food acquisition, and new ideas abound for how to finance higher education ... and Pre-K education.

JPMorgan boss Jamie Dimon

Wall Street CEOs and their Devil's Bargain with Trump.

Timothy Geithner

Fiduciary rule moves to death row, financial crisis crimes and no punishment, bank bailout justification, and Wall Street beats Silicon Valley again!

Travis Kalanick of Uber

What Wall Street gets right on gender equality, Uber makes a business move, David Letterman returns, and Disney makes ESPN fans oh-so happy

Bank for International Settlements

Complexity abounds for fintech regulation, Earnest looks to sell itself, and what has the global financial system learned a decade after the kickoff of the crisis?

John Travolta

Financial markets doing some good, Some jobs aren't worth saving, Fiduciary rule FAQs, and is Wells Fargo too big to manage ethically?


Big Pot still needs bankers, Julius Baer bets on post-Brexit Britain, Goldman Sachs woos the Saudis, and Neymar bids adeiu to Barcelona

Sam Darnold

Oops, Wells Fargo did it again, Raters still gonna rate, FSI launches policy publication, and who exactly powers the Dow

Barack Obama

Mission half-accomplished for the Mooch, CME Group goes big for GFLC, the straight shooter at Stifel, and why the next Oceans movie might be set in London

Janet Yellen

The Fed's Theory of Relativity, Trump knows that sometimes less is more, Brexit bankers weigh pay packages, and Jose Cuervo falls of his bar stool

Adena Friedman

Wall Street is cool again, Nasdaq makes RegTech move, a fiduciary rule nothingburger, and researchers imagine a world where securitization is transparent

Anthony Scaramucci

MoochWatch ends and begins all at the same time, the Imposssible Trinity faces the Financial Trilemma, Deutsche Bank has a Brexit plan, and investment banking heads to the boon docks


Illinois-based Magnetar Capital is expanding its energy franchise, which dates back to 2005

FDIC headquarters

Strange days at the FDIC, a new nominee for the CFTC, and a nothing burger speech from the new chair of the SEC