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From Mexican wine to Peruvian pisco, Latin American beverages are trending on menus

As Latin American cuisine continues to gain popularity with US consumers, more restaurants and food and beverage manufacturers are embracing Latin American beverages from wine and cocktails to juices and horchata.

As loyalty apps grow more popular, companies rely on data from them to glean customer data, but store and restaurant employees shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to gauging customer behavior.

Taco Bell debuts modern look

Taco Bell’s debut of a modern, updated look at four of its Calif. locations was this week’s most-clicked story, and readers were also drawn to news that chef Mario Batali was tapped to prepare the final state dinner hosted by President Obama.

How KIND is redefining healthy

Snack brand KIND has gained fans with its nut bars and other snacks, and made headlines when its petition prompted the FDA to review its definition of the term "healthy." The company's Stephanie Perruzza discusses what healthy means at KIND.

Supermarket prepared foods

Supermarket prepared food departments are the fastest-growing segment of the foodservice industry, and in the past few years, consumer perceptions of supermarket prepared foods have risen sharply.

Mars, Wrigley to merge into single company

The announcement that Mars and Wrigley have merged into one company was this week's top story, followed by news that Sam's Club's test store design may be the retailer's new model.

Pumpkin flavors fall beverages

Fall signals the start of spicy beverage season

Pumpkin Spice Bistro Bowl; Ready Pac Foods CMO on fall flavors and what makes a successful LTO
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In this interview, Ready Pac Foods Chief Marketing Officer Tristan Simpson discusses the key to successful LTOs and the inspiration behind its Pumpkin Spice Bistro Bowl.

Supermarket produce

Key behavioral trends driven by changing shoppers are impacting supermarket shopping, including a shift toward the perimeter of the store, acceleration of e-commerce and changing households and meal consumption patterns.

Hershey chocolate

News about the House of Representatives’ six-month delay of the overtime rule was this week’s most-clicked story, and readers were also drawn to stories about new product innovations.

Report: Google data reveals top healthy food trends this year

See how Google search data correlates with recent healthy food trends in SmartBrief's recent coverage.

Incubators give food startups space to grow

Brooklyn FoodWorks and other culinary incubators nurture foodie startups

MOD Pizza -- Business successes, strategies drew food readers this week

See what stories about successes in the food business and business strategies drew food and bev readers this week.

Chef presenters at the 2015 Latin Cuisine Summit

The Culinary Institute of America will host its second annual Latin Cuisine Summit Oct. 27 and 28. The event will will highlight the southern region of South America known as el Sur with a focus on the cuisine and wines of Chile and Argentina.

Spice and seasoning trends also flavor beverages

Demand for unusual new flavors, healthy ingredients flavor beverages as well as food.