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General Mills unveils first new Lucky Charms marshmallow shape in 10 years

Food nostalgia took over readers this week with news about the first new Lucky Charms marshmallow catching the attention of many.

Q&A: Kellogg’s Wendy Davidson on the company’s commitment to school breakfast
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In this interview, Kellogg President of US Specialty Channels Wendy Davidson discusses how the company is helping students get the best start to their day through its Breakfasts for Better Days program.

Ingredient explanation is a key part of clean labels, food scientist says
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In this interview, TIC Gums food scientist Tim Andon discusses the challenges associated with formulating clean label products and how the company works with manufacturers to create foods and beverages consumers can feel good about.

Many think of voice assistants and chatbots when they hear the term AI, but grocers are in a unique position to take advantage of the tech across their businesses.

Top 10: Free Chobani, Pepsi's new sparkling water and the return of Slice

Chobani's massive yogurt giveaway topped this week's most-clicked list, which also includes Whole Foods' shelf space price hike and PepsiCo's new sparkling water brand.

hotel wine food and beverage program

For many hotel guests, access to good wines are an expected amenity, and for hotels, meeting guest expectations is an ongoing challenge.

Consumers’ changing tastes, habits shake up cocktail trends
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The evolution of the craft cocktail movement, desire for simpler ingredients and rising interest in alcohol-free beverages are giving rise to new cocktail trends.

Optimizing CPG packaging for e-commerce

Navigate the challenges inherent to e-commerce packaging.

Pepsi's female-focused snacks, retail news led this week's most-clicked stories

From Pepsi's plans for female-focused snacks to moves in food retail, read this week's most-clicked food and beverage stories.

Global fusion dishes are a flexible way to serve up international cuisine
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Dishes that use international foods such as Asian rolls or dumplings as a vehicle for familiar flavors are a great way to introduce global cuisine to diners, and they can make global dishes fit into just about any foodservice concept.


While the food and beverage industry has latched onto the term, consumers approach the concept from unique perspectives.

How restaurants and food brands can win over Gen Z

Gen Z diners seek healthy food, restaurant promotions

Keurig acquires Dr Pepper, McDonald's flagship location gets a new look

News of Keurig Green Mountain's acquisition of Dr Pepper struck a chord with readers this week, as did stories from McDonald's and Lidl.

Latin cuisine's rising popularity could put more dishes, chefs in the spotlight

The growing popularity of Latin American food in the US is driving increased interest in authentic Latin cuisine and a deeper appreciation for its origins and the people who cook it.

meat burger

Plant-based products and diets have been center stage as of late, making it easy to overlook that many consumers are still very interested in actual meat and poultry.