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Middle managers have a particular challenge in getting work done, leading their teams and handling all the pressure. Simple mindfulness techniques can help.

Last week's poll question: How many close personal advisors do you have that you can go to for guidance in challenging times?


We can avoid conflict and difficult conversations with family and co-workers, or we can try a different approach.


Doing your own thing without regard to others can be ruinous in three areas: policy, process and people.


Loneliness and isolation are the hidden threats to our health.


Employees are speaking up about social and political issues. How will CEOs respond?

Last week's question: How frequently do you get overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do?


"The more self-expanding a job is, the higher the commitment to it, which is why leaving a job that adds to your sense of self is so devastating."


A communication plan details what needs to be shared with whom and how that communication will be delivered.


What can we learn from research that suggests some values cycle through generations? How does that help us at work?

Last week's question: How structured is your approach to problem-solving?


Valuing growth over all can make any workplace, even a nonprofit, susceptible to a toxic culture.


You must manage your team, manage up and manage your communities.