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Business meeting

If you have employees who love working for the company and believe in your brand, you have a chance to empower them to become some of your very best brand ambassadors.

Bitcoin technology

Have you considered how marketing will be upended by Bitcoin technology?


"Fake news" may end up being the buzzwords that defined 2016, but we’re not done hearing about them just yet.

Baptiste Orthodontics ad

Sprint, Pizza Hut and SeaWorld are putting money into school advertising and seeing results.

Mobile phone

The vast majority of the products, services, and support existing in the marketplace do not have effective post-sale support.

BJ's Restaurants

In late 2015, BJ’s Restaurants approached Dynamit with a problem all-too-common for the industry: The company’s website had become disconnected from the BJ’s brand.

New Year

As you put together your brand’s 2017 social media plan, it’s easy to feel intimidated by an overwhelming number of choices matched with very limited resources. The trick is to simplify your process.

Mobile shopping

The days of walking into a shop (or visiting its website) and simply looking around are pretty much gone.


Rebranding a company actually requires re-thinking your operations, product offering, and human resource excellence first.


Using lessons from Facebook’s data-driven, mobile-powered strategy can help improve your digital marketing performance

Baby boomer

While it’s all the rage to market to millennials right now, it’s also a good idea not to forget boomers just yet.

Brand values should outweigh perks when hiring

In hiring, values are the backbone of a powerful employer brand.

How to choose the best domain name for your small business

Your domain name is the calling card of your business, appearing on a variety of marketing materials and serving as a key piece of your brand. You want it to make an impact!

How to increase domain authority, and why it matters

Domain Authority is one of the clearest indicators of your value as an online brand and predictor of how well you rank in search engines.

Use online calendars to maximize actual reality

The right online event calendar will provide marketers with access to analytics that allow them to assess metrics including reach, attendance, engagement and more -- all of which help demonstrate the overall success of your event.