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As brands, agencies search for new models, here's evidence agile can work

Last year laid the foundation for great innovation in audio technology now

Looking back on an exciting year in digital media, we compiled a list of the top performing trends and innovations in digital marketing 2017.

Quality content will remain in focus, but what else can we expect for SEO trends in 2018?

Azoya graphic

Let’s compare Singles Day and Black Friday to spot emerging global retail trends.

How can you integrate social media into your event marketing strategy without spending all your time on it?


Twice as many consumers start product searches on Amazon than on Google, according to a BloomReach. Here's how to reach them.


As creative people, our voice is the one thing that gives us our edge. Here's how to keep it strong.


It didn’t take a bot for me to reach 2,000 followers -- just crafty work with filters, a handful of hashtags and friendly conversation.

Shoppers in China

As Americans prepare to savor the year’s best holiday sales opportunities, an even bigger sales extravaganza just took place in China: Singles Day.

Online marketing

In order to get started on the right foot with your digital marketing endeavors, you’re going to write down your goal, choose a type of content to master, and pick one social media channel to promote your business.

Getting your products to rank in relevant searches on Amazon is very similar to getting your website to rank on Google.

Shopping mall

Here are some ways retailers should consider creating more meaningful experiences for shoppers this holiday season.


How publication companies are coping with our rapidly changing media environment.


Amazon is the new Google in many respects. If you don’t have a solid Amazon marketing strategy in place, you’re at a disadvantage.