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Have you ever taken a role you weren't thrilled with rather than continuing your job search?

What’s trending? From report grades to in-class presenting, don’t miss these most-read stories.

Smoothie King's clean-label efforts include eliminating added sugars.

Smoothie King, PepsiCo and other food makers and sellers are stressing nutrition and wellness.

Big picture

To truly be a strategic leader, you have to let go of little things and focus on the big picture.

Seen and heard at HR Tech

AI, engaging workers, filling the onboarding gap and what's ahead in HR technologies.

What Mr. Dunbar got wrong

Why Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe says we need to ditch the "Work smart, not hard" message.

ICMA Baltimore

SmartBrief chats with ICMA Annual Conference Planning Committee Chair Jim Malloy about the 104th ICMA Annual Conference

OpenGov city hall

OpenGov's Charlie Francis shares key insights on how to enhance local government communications.

Top 10: Hormel's product launch, Danone's retooled portfolio and an in-demand watermelon dish

Hormel's new Skippy P.B. & Jelly Minis, Danone's focus on natural products and a popular smoked watermelon dish were among the subjects of this week's most clicked stories.

Brands can extend their culture and authenticity into digital realms by incorporating it, consciously, into marketing strategy.


To make the most of cognitively diverse teams, it’s important that members understand and appreciate the value of the differences.

Concern for animal well-being influences meat-buying habits
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Consumer concern about food animal well-being is on the rise, and more shoppers are looking for meat with no added antibiotics or hormones in which the animals have been humanely raised.

DTC testing
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How health plans can limit inappropriate DTC testing

Learning is done best when teachers take it below the surface and cultivate some deep roots.

Seeing retail operations and the customer experience through retail’s digital transformation
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Retail is transforming, but are retailers ready? AT&T Business exec Phillip Hartfield talks about delivering on omnichannel experience and the role of evolving tech in retail in this Q&A.