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Consolidated Audit Trail

Broadridge's David Campbell offers tips to help firms navigating the Consolidated Audit Trail.

Gianluigi Buffon

Mnuchin stood firm on Russia's debt, JPMorgan Chase pulled switcheroo on Bitcoin investors, Boehner trolled Ryan, Tett did some good, and Juventus got robbed.

Robots could improve the restaurant experience for staff, diners

Robots designed to help in both the front and back of the house can allow staffers to shift their focus to the customer experience, and create opportunities to learn new skills.

Rally together

It’s the leader’s job to construct powerful, cohesive teams that support and rally around one another and complement each other’s skill sets.

Trolli turns food into fashion — and vice versa
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By aligning its brand with trends and influencers, Trolli is able to connect with consumers on a level that speaks to their passions and not just their palates.


Cryptocurrencies and cheap energy, IOSCO and CPMI dissect CCP stress testing, Ant hsa gotten big, these days of strategic economic warfare, Liverpool rolls and Barca chokes

Q&A: E-commerce offers insights, opportunities to drive impulse buys
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Acosta SVP Brian Christensen discusses what’s driving growth in e-commerce, how personalized offers can encourage impulse buys and how brands and retailers can utilize e-commerce as both a sales and marketing channel.

Last week's question: Which resilience-building technique do you use most frequently?


AI is coming for the workplace. How can leaders react?

Integrating art across subjects

How cross-curricular arts integration helps students build creative muscle.

A look at the main drivers of landing pages that convert


Organizations that create a culture of employee well-being and engagement perform better. Here are simple steps to get started.

Compassion in action

Can SEL help combat school violence? A mother who lost her son to a school shooting says yes.


Money and guns, regulatory two-step in DC, a possible trade war winner, and the future of fake news.

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