Display Advertising

Knowing You’ve Reached the Right People

Schedule your ad. Reach the right audience. And know exactly who saw it, right down to company and job title. Does it get any smarter than that? With advanced reporting and a reach of 5 million professionals, decision-makers and thought leaders every day, SmartBrief Display Advertising provides guaranteed delivery, plus measurable impact and insight.

With display advertising from SmartBrief, you have three ways to reach your target audience:

  • Advertise in a specific brief, with over 200 SmartBriefs in 15+ verticals to choose from. Find a full list here.
  • Advertise on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis across multiple SmartBriefs, and target audience demographics.
  • Advertise on a cost-per-lead basis -- simply choose a budget and an audience and SmartBrief will take it from there.

With three powerful options to choose from, you can reach a wide yet focused audience in the most efficient way possible. So advertising with us isn’t just smart, it’s flexible, too.

To learn more about SmartBrief ad campaigns, including specifications, pricing, questionnaires and more, click here.

Web Advertising

Want to reach your target audience wherever they interact with SmartBrief? Our web advertising option is a potent complement to an in-brief advertising campaign, giving you the ability to “own” the SmartBrief portal for any vertical you choose.

Mobile Advertising

Optimized for both iOS and Android devices, SmartBrief’s mobile apps offer display advertising capability. E-mail our sales team to learn more.