Search Engine Experience

EMarketer reports that according to Keynote Systems, Google remains the beloved search engine among U.S. consumers, but Yahoo! and MSN are making strides and gaining favor among users. Based on research conducted with 2,000 U.S. consumers as they interacted with the leading search engines, Keynote found that Yahoo! and MSN have made strides in the market, with expanded local search and a separation of sponsored results, respectively completed since May 2004. Indeed, the latest survey determined that 81% of Yahoo! users and 61% of MSN users say they would go back to those sites in the future. In May, 72% of Yahoo! users and just 55% of MSN users said the same. Though three-fourths of respondents say they generally use the same search engine, 50% will turn to another engine if their search expectations are not met. In fact, 20% say they usually use a number of different engines, so the leading search engines are getting fairly even exposure.

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