Economic fears hit home

More than 1,632 SmartBrief on Leadership readers weighed in on last week's tracking question: Which of the following is of most concern as you look forward to the coming year?

  • Rising unemployment, 736 votes, 45.1%
  • Credit crunch, 464 votes, 28.43%
  • Weakness in the dollar, 184 votes, 11.27%
  • Weakness in the housing market, 181 votes, 11.09%
  • Energy prices, 67 votes, 4.11%

"Clearly, rising unemployment has become the number one challenge, compared to only 4% six months ago. This 45.1% likely reflects both personal anxiety and the threat to corporate health. Energy prices, in June the top concern for 55% and not predicted to ease, is now the least of these concerns. The credit crunch was much discussed in June, but companies hadn't yet felt the full extent of it. So it's no surprise that almost three times as many executives are now focused on the continued impact of this crisis." -- Eva Schmatz, president, Summus Limited

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