ACG note:

The College has long supported standard colonoscopy as the best available option in colon cancer screening. As noted in the LA Times article as well as in a recent New York Times editorial, many patients who have polyps detected by CT colonography will still have to undergo complete colonoscopy. The College works to maximize the number of people who are screened for colorectal cancer and, accordingly, recognizes that, today, CT colonography might be an option to consider for patients who, because of infirmity or the presence of significant co-morbid diseases, would be at an increased risk for complications in relation to colonoscopy. However, the vast majority of patients would benefit from the potentially life-saving screening of colonoscopy screening using widely available, safe and effective endoscopic procedures. ACG believe consumers should recognize that CT colonography does not currently represent a painless or risk-free procedure, nor does it eliminate the need for bowel cleansing, which many patients report as a barrier to screening.

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