Business leaders: Bailout won't help Detroit

More than 1,730 SmartBrief on Leadership readers responded to last week's poll question: Do you feel that the fuel economy and green technology requirements the U.S. government is placing on GM and Chrysler in exchange for additional bailout funds will promote the recovery and long-term success of these companies?

  • Yes, the bailouts will help automakers recover and succeed: 582 votes, 33.64%
  • No, the bailouts won't help: 1,150 votes, 66.36%

"On this, one of today's most hotly debated topics, SmartBrief readers registered a lopsided "no" vote. Two in three feel that federal requirements will not promote GM and Chrysler's recovery and success. That's a surprisingly strong statement from our executive audience. These results also shed light on an earlier poll in which almost 80% of SmartBrief on Leadership readers opposed additional bailouts for Detroit automakers or favored a government prepackaged bankruptcy instead.

The combination of these findings implies that government intervention policy is working counter to its own bailout efforts in the minds of many. There's an overarching feeling among business leaders that additional bailouts will not promote the automaker's recovery and long term health." Eva Schmatz president, Summus Limited

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