5 most-read stories for Sept.

Here is a list of the top five most-read stories in the ASCE SmartBrief in September:

  1. Water main break floods Baltimore suburb A water main break in the Baltimore suburb of Dundalk, Md., flooded neighborhoods with muddy water. The 6-foot-wide water main burst under a road on Sept. 18 and flooded as many as 100 homes. "This is a national infrastructure crisis," said Kurt Kocher, a spokesman for Baltimore's Department of Public Works, noting other recent water main breaks in the state. USA TODAY (9/19), CNN (9/19), ClipSyndicate/The Associated Press (9/19)
  2. China builds world's largest drain China is building what will become the world's largest drain with a middle section that alone will be almost 4 million feet long. The drain is part of an effort to keep the southern part of the country from flooding and ease the effects of drought in the north. When completed, water will flow through the system from the south to the north. Observers also say the project will help boost the Chinese economy by creating jobs. BBC (9/15)
  3. Collapse in Dubai puts focus on construction standards Dubai Municipality is expected to announce the results of an investigation into the collapse of an eight-story building in Deira in a few weeks. The incident, which occurred in August, raised questions about construction standards and material quality. Although global standards for construction exist and are followed by some companies, they are not strictly enforced in all parts of the world, observers say. Construction Week (9/24)
  4. Developer will demolish sinking Texas tower The developer of an unfinished, 31-story luxury tower on the Texas Gulf Coast will demolish the structure because it is sinking. The tower's core has sunk up to 16 inches, according to a lawsuit filed by developer Ocean Tower LP. The developer is seeking $125 million in damages from two engineering firms. The New York Times (free registration)/The Associated Press (9/21)
  5. Chinese residential building damaged after contractor digs too close A 28-story residential building in China nearly collapsed after a construction company building a new structure dug too close to it. The digging started a landslide, caused foundation cracks and forced residents to evacuate. Construction equipment went over a property line by about six feet and loosened soil under the building. China Daily (Beijing) (9/14)

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