Do you review Facebook profiles as part of your recruitment process?
No, we believe Facebook is personal and not relevant to recruitment decisions  66.67%
Yes, we want to get to know the whole person  18.75%
What's Facebook?  10.42%
Yes, but this does not influence our recruitment decision  4.17%

Is Facebook useful as a recruitment tool? As more companies use social media as a recruiting tool, the debate rages on about the reciprocal use of social media to ascertain background information about candidates in the recruitment process. Some call it snooping; some say it's risk minimization. However, Ellen Weinreb, CEO of Sustainability Recruiting, a leader in executive search, says that using Facebook would "compromise the integrity of [her] search." About two-thirds of survey respondents appear to agree and regard Facebook as personal, whereas less than 20% make use of insights that can be gained from candidates' open, freely accessible and often very revealing Facebook activity. -- Elaine Cohen, a CSR expert at Beyond Business

Is Facebook a useful tool during recruiting? Discuss your ideas.

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