This week's poll results are clear: Not only do companies have an important role to play in finding solutions for today's problems, respondents say, they should also work hand-in-hand with governments to find these solutions. It seems that Milton Friedman's motto "the social responsibility of business is to increase its profits" has been surpassed. By doing more than just contributing to charities, companies can create opportunities and manage risks and, at the same time, solve social problems and improve environmental and economic conditions. The message is clear: Companies cannot replace governments, but they can complement them. Welcome to the age of cooperation between citizens, institutions and businesses.

However, while cooperation opportunities arise, new questions come up. Who should decide the sustainability agenda and its priorities, or what happens when governments' and companies' focus collide? -- Juan Villamayor, a corporate social responsibility consultant at Green Den Consultancy and business sustainability expert from Barcelona, Spain

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