Statement from ACC:

The American Chemistry Council, in solidarity with the Vinyl Institute and more than a dozen industry, chemical and business groups, commented this week on proposed EPA regulations on emissions at PVC manufacturing facilities. The council's global comments underscored the potential impact of precedents the PVC MACT could set for the entire chemical sector. In addition, industry-specific groups at ACC weighed in with comments related to the vinyl supply chain. Separate comments were filed by the Chlorine Chemistry Division, the Phthalate Esters Panel and the Vinyl Chloride Health Committee.

Said Judith Nordgren, Managing Director of the Chlorine Chemistry Division: "Since large amounts of chlorine are produced to manufacture PVC, the PVC MACT rule could have a domino effect that would harm the chlor-alkali industry and its employees. We want to insure that EPA writes a technically sound rule and avoids unintended consequences that ultimately cost American jobs and return little environmental benefits."

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