The Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association supports the decision of the New York Department of Environmental Conservation to delay enforcement of the June 1 implementation of 6 NYCCR Part 218-7.2 (c), adopted standards for new aftermarket catalytic converters. The proposed standard would adopt the California Air Resources Board regulations governing the sale and installation of new aftermarket catalytic converters. To meet CARB standards, new aftermarket converters must be tested and certified by CARB and issued an Executive Order, which must be identified by a metal plate on the body of the converter for sale. In response to the concerns, the NYDEC has issued a separate advisory letter stating that, "The DEC will not enforce the provisions… until after Jan. 1, 2014." The department has also agreed to adopt AAIA's recommendation to establish a work group that will address implementation issues and AAIA looks forward to working with the department. For more information about this issue, go online or call AAIA government affairs at 301-654-6664.

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