In 2008, the European Union determined that all flights into and out of European airports should be included within its emissions-trading scheme (ETS), beginning in 2012, which drew opposition from countries including the U.S., China and Russia, which believe the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is the appropriate assembly for making any decisions on reducing global airline emissions. Nancy Young, vice president for environmental affairs at A4A, called the EU ETS "bad news for customers, airlines and, ironically, the environment. It is quite simply an exorbitant, extraterritorial cash grab for financially troubled European countries, which under the law can use the money however they see fit.” The European Union said it could alter its ETS to only cover flights by member nations. "If we get a global deal we’ll amend the law," according to spokesman Isaac Valero-Ladron. "Our focus is on getting an ambitious global deal." ICAO is meeting this month to discuss the issue.

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