Poll analysis

This week, we asked readers, "After Angela Merkel's election victory as Germany's chancellor, do you expect her position on financial reform in Europe to soften?" A large majority of the 667 respondents, 81%, said yes: They expect the German chancellor's famously austere stance toward Europe's economically struggling nations to change. This view runs counter to Merkel's own post-election statements, in which she continued to iterate her opposition to a temporary debt repayment fund, despite widespread European support. Those who believe that Merkel's position will soften may be considering the resounding election defeat of "eurosceptics" and her likely coalition partners' left-leaning stance. Regardless of Merkel's actual preferences in her new term, events requiring coordinated solutions continue to unfold in Europe, including the likely creation of a new relief plan for Greece, the French government hitting new record debt levels, a possible Ukrainian bailout and continued troubles in Spain and Italy. -- Jason A. Voss, CFA, Content Director, CFA Institute

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