Poll analysis

Earlier this week, we asked: "What is your expectation for global economic growth in 2014?" A strong majority (62%) of the 1,035 respondents said they expected modest growth of between 1% and 3%. This response is roughly in line with the IMF's October update regarding 2013 growth expectations of up to 2.9%. The majority of respondents would then expect the current state of global economic growth to stretch to the end of next year. If forecasts turn out to be wrong, however, the gravity of opinion clearly expects a downside miss, with about 31% of respondents expecting lower than consensus growth next year and only 7% of readers expecting a robust change in the economy. Interestingly, the IMF, in its annual World Economic Outlook in October, revised its 2014 global economic growth forecast to 3.6% -- a level that would clearly surprise poll respondents. -- Jason A. Voss, CFA, Content Director, CFA Institute

These are the poll results as of 3:20 p.m. EST, Nov. 13.

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