How must organizations transform their strategy, structure, and capabilities to be successful in an industry that has gone through -- and continues to go through -- seismic shifts? The conversation dominating the advertising industry dominates the stage at the most important industry event of 2014. Check out the just-released agenda for the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting and secure your seat now to hear from Neil Ashe, President & Chief Executive Officer, Global eCommerce, Walmart; Stephen F. Quinn, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Walmart; Jack Haber, Vice President, Global Advertising & Digital, Colgate; Darren Herman, VP for Content Services, Mozilla; Ann Lewnes, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Abode Systems Incorporated; Neal Mohan, VP Display Advertising, Google; Bob Pittman, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Clear Channel Communications; and many more advertising thought leaders. Register now.

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