Airlines for America, the trade organization for the major U.S. carriers, continues its push for a national airline policy to ensure U.S. carriers remain globally competitive, which includes reform to the airline industry's heavy tax and regulatory burden. Nicholas Calio, A4A president and CEO, recently testified before Congress that U.S. foreign airline competitors in the Middle East and China "enjoy domestic tax burdens up to three times lower than U.S. airlines" with other foreign governments recognizing the wider benefits aviation brings. According to CAPA's analysis, "wider, more enlightened, perspectives need to be applied to the industry, so that U.S. carriers are not constantly confronted by a scenario of devising strategies to sustain profits despite higher tax burdens. Instead, airlines should be provided an environment where aviation is recognized for the immense bearer of economic and social well-being that it really is – not simply a quick fix milk cow."

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