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Discount of $100 on AICPA National Construction Industry Conference registration fee

NASBP members, affiliates and associates can receive a discount of $100 on their registration for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants' (AICPA) National Construction Industry Conference, to be held Dec. 6 and 7 at the Venetian in Las Vegas. NASBP associate Emilio F. Alvarez, CPA, president of E.F. Alvarez, and NASBP affiliate David Pesce, senior vice president of Berkley Surety Group, will participate in two presentations. First, on a panel, they will share their experiences about today's surety industry and surety credit capacity, and that afternoon they will explain what construction contractors' financial statements should include and how these items should be presented, during a session titled "A Surety Perspective on Contractor Financial Statements." In addition, NASBP associate Julian Xavier, CPA, partner at Gallina, will co-present a session on utilizing two industry resources for an independent auditor's report, consolidated balance sheets, statements of income and notes to consolidated financial statements. The NASBP membership discount applies to AICPA member and nonmember registrations. To take advantage of this $100 discount on the conference registration fee, insert the promotional code "SCX" on the online registration form where prompted or in the promo code box on the printed registration form. Register now or call 888-777-7077 for more information. By using the code, NASBP members will receive $100 off the early bird AICPA member registration fee of $920 and the early bird non-AICPA member registration fee of $1,220 (which expires Nov. 24) and $100 off the AICPA member registration fee of $995 and the non-AICPA member registration fee of $1,295. View the AICPA conference brochure.  

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