The keys to successful email marketing

Confirmation emails, calls to action and personalized, relevant content are vital to an email marketing strategy. A recent study found 89% of marketers use email as their primary lead-generation tool.

DeVos criticized for new gainful employment rule

A change by US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to the Obama-era gainful employment rule would allow career-training programs to appeal government penalties by submitting their own data on student success. Pauline Abernathy of The Institute for College Access & Success says the change allows schools to use federal funds "to enroll students in failing programs."

Commentary: Draghi faces headwinds in curbing euro growth

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi has expressed concerns that the euro is growing too strongly and will make it difficult to achieve the bank's 2% inflation target, but columnist Mark Gilbert doubts Draghi's efforts to curb the euro's progress will be successful. Gilbert refers to a similar but unsuccessful move by predecessor Jean-Claude Trichet and contends that investors increasingly regard the euro as a safe haven amid political upheavals in the US and UK.

Walmart grows Uber grocery delivery partnership

Walmart expanded a grocery delivery test with Uber to Dallas and two Florida cities Monday, after launching the pilot in Phoenix in 2016. With more than 53 e-commerce-ready stores, the Dallas-Fort Worth market is the retailer's biggest for online grocery sales.

Study: Telemedicine may lead to more office visits

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin found a 6% increase in office visits among providers that have adopted electronic visit programs because many doctors feel the need to see telemedicine patients in person, causing them to spend an additional 45 minutes on those visits. The study, based on health care encounters between 90 providers and more than 140,000 patients over five years, said e-visit programs also reduced the number of new patients seen by providers each month by 15% and did not contribute any "observable improvement in patient health" between users and nonusers.

Brands buzz about the plight of bees

General Mills, Whole Foods and Lowe's recently used their brands to highlight the common cause of declining bee populations, writes Cone Communications' Sophie Komornicki.

Survey: Walmart, Target, Old Navy are top of mind for back-to-school

Back-to-school ads from Walmart, Target and Old Navy are winning the most attention from viewers, and they also top the list of retailers where consumers expect to shop, according to the YouGov Brand Index. Other brands shoppers are considering include H&M, Marshalls and Urban Outfitters.

Anonymous pledges "Day to Denounce" for white supremacist sites

Members of the group Anonymous have released a video indicating that they will launch cyberattacks against white supremacist websites on Friday as part of a "Day to Denounce."

Lawmakers investigate possible shadow pricing of MS drugs

Reps. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., and Peter Welch, D-Vt., sent letters to the heads of seven drugmakers asking about dramatic price increases on multiple sclerosis drugs. A study published in Neurology found evidence of so-called shadow pricing, or raising prices when competitors do.

Niche streaming services aim to stand apart from Netflix

Smaller streaming services are setting themselves apart from Netflix by focusing on specialized content. While Walt Disney is the latest to announce plans for its own streaming platform, services such as Shudder, Crunchyroll and MUBI are already competing with major players including Netflix and Hulu, because "[f]ans feel they can go deeper in contrast to a big service," PwC's Christopher Vollmer says.

Study: Underground Boston rail extension would cost $4B to $6B

A 3-mile underground rail extension planned in Boston could cost between $4 billion and $6 billion, according to a recent study by students and faculty at the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government. A state-sponsored study is being conducted by Arup USA.

Toyota, 7-Eleven partner to find hydrogen energy solutions

A collaboration between Toyota and 7-Eleven is aimed at finding hydrogen-related energy solutions to help the convenience-store chain reduce its carbon footprint.

New TSA administrator visits Boston airport

David Pekoske, the new administrator of the Transportation Security Administration, visited Boston's Logan International Airport on Thursday to introduce himself. "I find that the folks in TSA are very mission-focused," he said.

West Elm hotels plans loyalty program launch

Williams-Sonoma's forthcoming West Elm hotels plan to debut a loyalty program before year's end. West Elm is working with management firm DDK.