The lucrative retirement of American Pharoah
2/11/2016 Bloomberg

American Pharoah's fame as a Triple Crown winner could be dwarfed, at least financially, by his retirement on a Kentucky stud farm. The best stallions collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in stud fees for each mare they "cover" in an increasingly sophisticated marketplace that combines earthy realities with speculation, technology and bragging rights. "Everybody just wants to say, 'I'm breeding five of my mares to American Pharoah,' or whoever is the stallion of the month," says Rommy Faversham.

Chef seeks to engage girls in food-related STEM
2/10/2016 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pastry chef Bill Yosses left the White House staff in 2014 to engage in a venture that integrates science skills with food preparation through the Kitchen Garden Laboratory. Yosses recently hosted an event to promote girls' participation in science, technology, engineering and math by showing how chemistry and physics relate to the culinary arts.

Fed to proceed with gradual rate increases, Yellen says

Janet Yellen, head of the Federal Reserve, has rejected a reversal of the central bank's decision to start raising the federal funds rate. "I don't think it is going to be necessary to cut rates," she told the House Financial Services Committee. However, economic conditions are evolving, warranting "only gradual increases," Yellen said.

Red Lobster says Beyonce mention helped boost sales
2/10/2016 The Seattle Times

Red Lobster credits a mention in a new Beyonce song for at least part of the 33% jump in sales on Super Bowl Sunday, the company said. The song, "Formation," helped make the brand a trending topic on Twitter for the first time. "It's clear that Beyonce has helped create some Red Lobster fans, and we are very grateful to her for that," said CEO Kim Lopdrup.

Crashes, shootings, overdoses shorten US life expectancy
2/10/2016 HealthDay News

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that the US has shorter life expectancy rates for men and women than similar nations, including the UK, Japan, Sweden and Italy. Much of the life expectancy gap was attributed to car crashes, shootings and drug overdoses in the US. Men and women in the US have a life expectancy of 76.4 years and 81.2 years, respectively, compared with 78.6 years for men and 83.4 years for women in the other countries studied.

Lane Bryant campaign defies body conventions

Lane Bryant has unveiled a campaign called "This Body" celebrating plus-size women. The push will make its first appearance in Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit issue and was shot by renowned photographer Cass Bird. The brand's target customer "craves the latest fashion trends. She's the buyer of coveted brands. She should be in the pages of today's fashion magazines, and she's the next Broadway star. She's competing in the boxing ring. She is the voice of women everywhere," said Lane Bryant Chief Marketing Officer Brian Beitler.

Floral designers pick garden-variety blooms

The US floral industry has changed dramatically over the past two decades, as production shifted to South America, cut flowers became available at every supermarket and online delivery services grew as traditional florists consolidated or closed. Some, including Virginia floral designer Holly Heider Chapple, are bucking the long-stemmed rose trend with arrangements made with blooms that look like they were just picked from an English garden.

Comcast: Super Bowl goers used up 10TB of data over Wi-Fi
2/10/2016 Multichannel News

Super Bowl attendees used up more than 10 terabytes of data, "equal to streaming 6,000+ hours of HD video," over Aruba Networks' Wi-Fi at Levi's Stadium in San Francisco on Sunday, Comcast's John Guillaume said. Comcast partnered with the 49ers in 2014 to offer free Wi-Fi to fans at the stadium, helping spur this year's Super Bowl data volume past last year's 6.2 TB of data used in Phoenix.

New specialty drug division created by Pfizer
2/10/2016 (U.K.)

Pfizer said it will establish a new division by integrating Allergan's ophthalmology and aesthetics products to its consumer health product line upon the completion of its $160 billion purchase of Allergan. The new global specialty and consumer brand division will operate under Pfizer's innovative products unit. The acquisition is expected to be completed in the second half of this year.

Thune readies bill to guarantee spectrum for 5G by 2020
2/10/2016 Multichannel News

Senate Commerce Committee chairman John Thune, R-S.D., along with Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., is preparing to introduce a "Mobile Now" bill this week designed to ensure that wireless carriers have access to "hundreds of megahertz of spectrum" by 2020. The measure would enable the delivery of 5G-based services at speeds upward of one gigabit per second, Thune told a CTIA 5G conference.

Dramatic photos: $2B Queensferry Crossing in Scotland to finish this year
2/10/2016 The Daily Mail (London)

The $2 billion Queensferry Crossing project in Scotland should finish up this year. Three 656-foot concrete towers for the bridge are complete. The project will use 23,000 miles of cable and massive amounts of concrete. It is one of the largest civil engineering projects in the UK.

High court halts Clean Power Plan

The US Supreme Court has voted 5-4 to temporarily bar the government from implementing President Barack Obama's plan to cut emissions from coal-fired power plants. The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit is set to hear arguments June 2. American Wind Energy Association CEO Tom Kiernan said the stay "does not mean the Clean Power Plan has been overturned; to the contrary, we are confident that once the courts carefully consider the merits of these cases, the Clean Power Plan will stand."

American to add more flights from JFK to Bermuda

American Airlines plans to expand its service between John F. Kennedy International Airport and Bermuda this month. "Our business and leisure travelers have expressed a desire for more options during the winter, and we believe this new service offers that," said Shawn Crockwell, minister of tourism development and transport for Bermuda.

5 Conn. luxury hotels with lavish spas
2/10/2016 Connecticut Magazine

Kate Hartman describes five destination spas in Connecticut that she says are perfect for Valentine's Day relaxation. For example, Winvian Farm in Morris boasts a 5,000-square-foot spa that features a sauna and offers hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, massages and skin care treatments.