Discussions to help foster an equitable workplace

Company leaders can improve the work experience for black employees by addressing inequities in employment, making available "resources on systemic racism" and designing programs that build trust and respect among the workforce, write Trudy Bourgeois, founder of the Center for Workforce Excellence, and Julia Taylor Kennedy, executive vice president at the Center for Talent Innovation. "Over time, as you and your team build new habits, you will begin to think of the 'third rail' not as shocking, but energizing everyone and moving your organization forward," they write.

A teacher's guide to social media

Social media can be a helpful source of ideas and connections for educators but it's important to know how to use it correctly, middle-level teacher Brent Golson writes. In this blog post, Golson outlines the benefits and pitfalls of social media along with three steps for success with it.

Markets searching for right narrative on COVID-19

Market participants are struggling to find the right narrative that accurately captures the effects and risks of the COVID-19 outbreak. The turmoil in equity markets began as the original narrative surrounding the outbreak -- that it was contained and would have only a small impact on the global economy -- no longer rang true.

Panera vies for breakfast business with coffee service

Panera Bread will launch a subscription service today that will let members of its free loyalty program pay $8.99 per month for unlimited coffee and tea. The move comes as competition for breakfast customers continues to grow, and Panera CEO Niren Chaudhary says the subscription program is expected to increase morning business.

Pediatrics group recommends Rx for exercise

The American Academy of Pediatrics is encouraging pediatricians to write children prescriptions for physical activity, saying it can help in the treatment of conditions such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and obesity. "Even going out for a walk for 15 or 20 minutes is a step in the right direction," says Dr. David Fagan, who was not involved in the recommendations.

Report: TikTok strategy guide, industry benchmarking

Conviva released a 34-page TikTok Benchmarks & Strategy Guide that offers practical tips on how to create video on the platform, strategy advice and guidance on using tools to optimize campaigns. The report also displays industry benchmark data showing top accounts and their engagement levels, such as follower counts, number of videos posted and average likes per video.

Lowe's aims to grow online with e-commerce makeover

Lowe's will revamp its e-commerce site to boost online sales and stay competitive with rival Home Depot, CEO Marvin Ellison said. New features will include one-click checkout and a new layout will group items that typically go into the same room on a single page.

How effective are air purifiers against coronavirus?

Tech writer Patrick Hearn addresses the efficacy of increasingly sophisticated air purifiers in protecting the public from the coronavirus. The bottom line is that these devices, while effective at eliminating other causes of respiratory problems, are of limited use against the virus and don't address the central problems of person-to-person transmission or surface contamination.

FDA to test new 510(k) template dubbed eSTAR

The FDA has announced its plans to test a pilot program using a new 510(k) template called eSTAR, or electronic Submission Template and Resource, which is interactive, PDF-based, and has a structure compatible with the internal review templates of the Center for Devices and Radiological Health.

Greenblatt offers vision for HBO Max

HBO Max will complement sister service HBO when the streaming service launches, WarnerMedia's Robert Greenblatt explains in an interview where he expounds on the company's strategy for HBO Max for its May debut. "We're trying really hard to assign the same quality level and curated feeling that HBO has. It'll never be 50,000 hours of programming," he says.

N.Y. MTA authorizes $1B in bonds

Potential delays in the implementation of congestion pricing has led New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority to approve the sale of $1 billion in bonds supported by sales taxes. The money would go toward the agency's five-year, $51.5 billion capital plan that includes efforts to modernize subway signals, fund new buses and upgrade tracks.

Very thin substances could be the future of manufacturing

Extremely thin two-dimensional materials such as molybdenum disulfide and graphene hold promise for the manufacturing of phones, headphones, solar cells and more. They can also be combined into three-dimensional blocks and deposited on silicon wafers for experiments.

Breaking down Real ID

Starting Oct. 1, Real ID-compliant identification will be required to fly within the US; a regular driver's license no longer will be accepted at Transportation Security Administration checkpoints. States are seeing an influx of people at motor vehicle departments seeking Real ID-compliant licenses, which usually feature a star in the upper right corner, and they are urging residents to check with the DMV ahead of their visit for specific rules and required documents.

No Macao casinos have sought virus-related tax relief

Although SJM Holdings' CEO last week suggested coronavirus-related tax relief for casinos in Macao might be viewed favorably, neither the region's casino regulator nor finance department has received any such requests yet. Macao casinos, which are taxed 35% to 39% of gross gaming revenue, were closed for 15 days to help stem the spread of the virus.