Low wage growth stalls full employment

The US will not reach full employment as long as the inflation rate remains under its 2% target, Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank President Neel Kashkari said. "[U]ntil we see wage growth net of productivity climbing at above 2%, we're not really at maximum employment," Kashkari said.

Hawaiian-only school revitalizes language

Hawaiian was at risk of disappearing, as there were roughly 50 native speakers younger than age 18 who spoke it several decades ago, according to this article. A revitalization effort includes a school that started as a Hawaiian-only preschool, graduated its first class of high-school seniors in 1999 and teaches the language to parents in the evenings.

Land O'Lakes CEO: Agtech is the future of farm survival
CBS News

With chronically depressed commodity prices, tariffs and bad weather hurting farmers, the solution is found in agtech, Land O'Lakes CEO Beth Ford says during a "60 Minutes" interview, citing examples such as artificial intelligence technology coordinating with satellite imagery to determine cost-efficient planting strategies. "We use all of the things that probably other businesses use but that people are unfamiliar with in terms of utilization in agriculture," says Ford.

How Wendy's is doing breakfast differently this time

Wendy's believes the fourth time will be the charm when it comes to introducing a breakfast menu, with a national rollout instead of a regional approach, Wendy's US President Kurt Kane said. This time around, franchisees had an active role in the planning, another factor that's expected to help quickly grow breakfast to $1 billion in sales.

Why the health sector struggles with data sharing

The health care sector is far behind the banking industry in terms of information sharing, writes John Glaser of Cerner. He explains why the sharing of health information is more complicated than the sharing of financial data and notes that the establishment of a single organization to set standards is vital in improving the interoperability of EHRs.

Social platforms finding value in audience networks

Snapchat and TikTok are joining Google, Facebook and LinkedIn in building audience networks to entice brand ad spend, writes Shoshana Wodinsky. Advertisers are finding the networks offer scale and reach at a good value, but some voice concern about the ability to track ad placement and conduct post-campaign analysis.

Sources: Potential Barneys buyer in licensing talks with Saks

Authentic Brands Group's proposed acquisition of Barneys New York for approximately $270 million includes a plan to license the Barneys brand to Saks Fifth Avenue, sources said. The deal could reportedly include opening Barneys-branded departments in some Saks stores, and Saks could also operate the Barneys e-commerce site while Authentic Brands would run the Barneys stores.

Google's Pixel 4 unveiling: Roll call of features

Google's new flagship Pixel 4 phone, unveiled today after much speculation and plentiful leaks, comes with motion-sensing radar, a second camera on the back and a high refresh-rate screen, along with a swifter face unlock feature. Also launched at the unveiling event was the redesigned Nest Wifi router, whose color options and form factor are intended to make it part of a home's decor.

FDA disagrees with Third Party Review Program criticism

The FDA has expressed disagreement with criticisms of its draft guidance on the 510(k) Third Party Review Program that suggest it creates patient safety risks and increases the burden on patients and physicians. The agency said the guidance specifies how it will ensure that only appropriate devices are eligible for the program, and that the burden is on the third party to provide a review that is equivalent to the agency's review.

ESPN head sees tech giants vying for NFL rights

Silicon Valley companies such as Amazon, Google and Facebook are likely to jump into the bidding for National Football League TV rights that expire in 2021 and 2022, ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro said, though he expressed confidence his network would retain an NFL deal. Pitaro also pointed to the success of ESPN+, a premium streaming service with more than 2 million subscribers.

Contractors may request financing details, experts say

Contractors and subcontractors can take steps to verify that owners are on secure financial footing before agreeing to projects. Many construction contracts allow contractors to ask for "reasonable evidence" of financing, legal experts say.

Students protest for climate action

High school students have inspired throngs of activists and ordinary citizens worldwide to join the Global Climate Strike today to demand action on climate change from their national leaders. Over a million students were excused from school in New York City to participate in strike protests, while similar demonstrations are occurring in major cities all over the world.

TSA seizes two guns in three days at Boston Logan

Transportation Security Administration agents seized two firearms in separate incidents over three days at Boston Logan International Airport, bringing the number of guns seized this year to 14. One person was charged, and another with an expired concealed carry license partly cleared.

LATAM Airlines storms the skies with "Star Wars"-themed aircraft

A Boeing 777 from LATAM Airlines has been transformed into a "Star Wars" stormtrooper helmet with a little help from The Walt Disney Co., and "it looks ridiculously cool," Julie Delahaye reports. The inflight movie offerings of the 410-passenger plane include all 10 of the franchise's films, with travel routes between Latin America and destinations including Madrid, Miami and, of course, Orlando.