White House unveils new immigration proposal

President Donald Trump unveiled his plan for immigration reform in a Rose Garden address at the White House Thursday. The plan calls for more funding to house and process refugees and for construction of the border wall, as well as a shift to a merit-based immigration policy and away from one based on family ties.

Official: Student loan oversight being hindered

In a letter to lawmakers last month, Kathy Kraninger, director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, said Education Department policies are interfering with the CFBP's efforts to provide oversight of federal student loans. Among the issues is the department's advice to loan-servicing companies not to share information with the CFPB, citing privacy concerns.

Fed's Brainard: Disappearance of labor-inflation link brings risk

The relationship between inflation and labor, as well as other resource markets, has broken down and could be problematic if the Federal Reserve cannot bring inflation closer to a 2% target, said Fed Governor Lael Brainard. Eventually, Americans could lose faith that inflation will ever meet the target, she said.

Sprouts taking on new markets, prototype stores

Sprouts Farmers Market is entering new markets this year, with plans to open more than half of its future stores in new territory, according to company executives. The grocer has also introduced prototype stores centered around customer experience improvements in the meat, deli, seafood and bakery departments.

Expert stresses importance of knowing medical data's limitations

EHR data has drawbacks, and it is important to understand the weaknesses of medical data because "it was not intended for research purposes -- and as much potential as there is there, we have to be careful in how we use it," Google research scientist Kathryn Rough said during a presentation at the DATAx San Francisco conference. Drawbacks such as errors in data processing, issues with upcoding and rule-out diagnoses, transparency of data being reported and mistakes in data entry could affect the usefulness of a medical dataset, Rough noted.

Brands must have "grit" for innovation success

The vital ingredient for brand innovation success is the "grit" required to drive forward great ideas and make them a reality, Allen Adamson and Barton Warner write. Brands need "[g]ritty people who come up with gritty ideas and can assemble gritty teams with the passion and perseverance to execute every detail brilliantly," they write.

H&M creates new rewards program with bigger perks

Fashion retailer H&M has debuted a new, two-tier loyalty program with expanded rewards for its biggest-spending customers. Perks will include discounted blowouts at Drybar, invitation-only events and free-shipping offers.

Analysis: Cyberinsurance not meant to be preventive tool

Businesses looking to protect themselves from online threats have to consider more than just cyberinsurance, writes Barbara Kay. Kay adds that insurance does not replace the need for detection and prevention tools -- known as due care -- which can help reduce insurance fees.

N.D. plans to appeal dismissal of lawsuit related to opioid crisis

North Dakota expects to file an appeal after a judge threw out the state's lawsuit against OxyContin manufacturer Purdue Pharma, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem said. The lawsuit sought to hold Purdue Pharma responsible in connection with widespread opioid abuse, but the judge said the company lacks control of its product once the drug is on the market.

Charter's revenue rises 5.1% in Q1

Charter Communications netted 428,000 broadband customers in the first quarter along with 176,000 new wireless lines while growing revenue by 5.1% compared to the period a year ago. The company reported gains in small and medium-size business video subscribers although overall it shed 145,000 video customers.

Feds cancel $928.6M for Calif. high-speed rail

The Federal Railroad Administration has officially de-allocated $928.6 million in funds for a high-speed rail in California after the state "failed to make reasonable progress" on the project. Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom, who scaled back the project in February, says the state intends to "vigorously defend" its right to the funds, which were appropriated by Congress.

Musk: Solar tile production will ramp up slowly

Elon Musk on Wednesday said that Tesla's Solar Roof tiles will be manufactured at a slower rate to ensure they last as long as expected. Musk's comment came as his company reported a reduction in solar installations.

UPS delivers life-saving "gift" packages

In 2018, UPS delivered 5.2 billion packages and documents, and some of those deliveries included human organs and tissues. UPS made its first successful live organ delivery in 2016 -- a "gift" package with a kidney for a woman in South Carolina. "When I see them [UPS] in the store and all I just look at them and smile. You know, in the truck and it's UPS -- they delivered my kidney," said Sharon Cauthen.

Advice for dealing with jet lag

Fighting jet lag starts by minimizing the possibility by being rested before a trip, limiting alcohol and caffeine and drinking plenty of water. Movement, minimizing blue light from screens and getting out in the sun also can help.