4 ways to improve your understanding of prospects

Marketers can develop a more in-depth understanding of their audience by offering prospects incentives to complete surveys and by employing social listening, Hassan Mansoor writes. Google Analytics helps marketers glean insights from user behavior on their sites and marketing automation can help deliver content based on prospects' interests.

How to boost student engagement in social studies

Teachers can make social studies more relevant and engaging to students by incorporating inquiry-based projects into history lessons and helping students develop their historical thinking skills, writes high-school humanities teacher Annie Brown in response to a question posed on a blog post. Other educators offer ideas for teaching history, including embracing the concept of history through connections among humans, resources and land.

Mnuchin: Consensus reached on key parts of budget deal

Negotiators have agreed on core aspects of a deal to raise the US debt limit and to establish a $1.3 trillion level for agency budgets, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says. The debt-limit increase would cover two years, he says.

Krystal piques customer interest with unlimited burgers, fries

An unlimited burger-and-fries offering at Krystal has sparked customer curiosity and sales -- so much so that the company is extending the offer through August. Krystal's all-you-can-eat promotion is part of a larger effort to innovate and improve operations, says CEO Paul Macaluso.

Cloud-based services could improve patient control over health data

EHRs and similar technologies have not made it easier for patients to track their own health and health care utilization, but evolving FHIR standards and user interfaces are starting to improve data exchange, writes Luis Castillo, CEO of Ensocare. A centralized service like cloud-based banking, or even a card on a mobile device, could store each health care transaction that patients can control, though security and HIPAA compliance must be carefully considered, Castillo writes.

Report: Paid search, social top digital ad spend

Digital advertisers are spending the majority of their budgets on paid search, paid social, display, YouTube and mobile/in-app ads, respectively, and are prioritizing brand awareness and enhancing customer experience, according to Marin Software's May/June survey of digital marketing decision-makers. Google, YouTube and Amazon topped the list of trusted publishers, and while 60% plan to increase Amazon budgets, many cite its campaign management and reporting tools as a hindrance.

How Athleta remains a bright spot for Gap

Athleta's reactive business model allows the Gap-owned activewear retailer to correctly price products, control inventory levels, only create styles that shoppers want to buy and, ultimately, avoid discounting, CEO Nancy Green said. Athleta is bringing in new customers and opening new stores, and remains a strong part of Gap's portfolio.

Election hacking would be federal crime under Senate-passed bill

The Senate has unanimously passed legislation that would make it a federal crime to hack an election system. The bipartisan bill came in response to a Justice Department report that under current law, it would be difficult to prosecute someone for hacking voting machines.

Updated model list of essential medicines released by WHO

The World Health Organization has released an updated model list of essential medicines, which now includes 12 new treatments for diseases such as leukemia, melanoma, multiple myeloma, and prostate and lung cancers. The revised list, which is recommended internationally for public health systems, now contains 460 products due to the addition of 23 medicines for children and 28 for adults, and also includes new uses for 26 products already included in the list.

How AT&T could change the cloud market

Recent deals with IBM and Microsoft allow AT&T to connect with an expanding cloud market and could lead to technology vendors altering how they work with partners, according to analysts at global research and advisory firm Gartner. "It raises the customer expectation that there will be greater interoperability between different service providers," says Ed Anderson, research VP with Gartner.

"Ambitious" N.Y. climate law includes solar, energy efficiency

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo last week signed a plan into law that requires the state to get all of its electricity from renewable sources by 2050. Solar capacity would have to reach 6,000 megawatts -- five times what it is now -- in six years, and new building codes would mandate efficiency measures.

EPA: Air pollution decreases six categories

Six criteria used to measure pollutants in the air decreased from 2016 to 2018, per a report from the Environmental Protection Agency, and the agency attributes these changes to President Donald Trump's administration. Measurements of the six key pollutants, excluding greenhouse gases, decreased by 74% since 1970.

Column: Travelers sometimes need to re-check bags mid-trip

Columnist Josh Ocampo writes to warn airline passengers that they might need to re-check their bags on long or international trips. Passengers who fail to pick up a bag and re-check it to their next destination risk having luggage arrive late, or not at all.

British Airways abruptly stops Cairo flights while passengers at gate

On Saturday passengers at their departure gate in London learned suddenly that British Airways and Lufthansa were unexpectedly canceling flights to Cairo due to an increased risk of air-related terrorist attacks over Egypt. British Airways likely will remain out of Egypt for a week or more as it monitors and assesses the security situation.