Why SoftBank "is the new IPO"

SoftBank is increasingly investing in mature startups and helping them delay, possibly for many years, the day they launch an initial public offering. The trend has led to a quip in Silicon Valley: "SoftBank in the new IPO."

Colleges see more historical assault reports

US colleges report an increase in reports of past sexual assault and harassment on campus from former students that could be fueled, in part, by the #MeToo movement. Some schools are reacting by dropping time limits on investigations, but many officials say their ability to take action against alleged offenders may be limited.

Quarles: Rules won't be relaxed for foreign banks

Federal Reserve regulatory chief Randal Quarles has signaled to the Senate banking committee that foreign banking organizations will be held to the same Dodd-Frank Act requirements as comparable US banks. "We are not including any changes to the FBO regulatory scheme for FBOs with more than $250 billion in global assets as part of our implementation of tailoring mandated by the Act," according to written testimony from Quarles.

Giant, Peapod seek delivery success in Philadelphia

Giant Food is hoping its partnership with Peapod will help it compete in greater Philadelphia's growing market for grocery delivery. Giant By Peapod currently is third for delivery market share in the city, ranked behind Instacart and Walmart Online Grocery.

Survey examines patients' technology use for health

The Harris Poll surveyed 2,006 US adults and found that 75% reported researching their condition before visiting a hospital, while 59% said they feel more empowered about their personal health by using self-diagnosing tools such as online chats, wearables and websites, and new technology. Sixty-one percent of respondents reported using an online patient/health care provider portal to communicate or interact, while 50% use a wearable fitness tracker.

Snapchat unveils users' shopping habits

Snapchat is publishing research reports titled "Retail Footprints," which break down the digital and in-store shopping habits of its users, who are 20% more likely to make mobile purchases than are those not on the platform, per Snapchat's Amy Moussavi. Insights from the report include that users who are big-box shoppers are 2.9 times more likely to be burger fans and that apparel shoppers are 2.8 times more likely to be coffee aficionados.

With turnover at 96%, fleets are working to improve driver relations

For the first half of 2018, fleet driver turnover averaged 96%, the highest level in five years, according to the American Trucking Associations. To improve this, fleets are actively working to provide bonuses, expanded benefits and use of mobile freight apps, in addition to refining interview processes.

Samsung exec predicts mainstream smart home use

Samsung Electronics marketing executive Rebecca Hirst anticipates that smart home technology and voice interaction will go mainstream, which could be a "game changer for loyalty." Hirst notes that adoption has been slow to start, as there's a psychological hurdle to establishing these devices in the home, but she adds that once they're over that, consumers will be able to see the opportunity.

Azar expected to announce drug pricing transparency rule

HHS Secretary Alex Azar today is set to deliver a speech addressing the administration's efforts to reduce drug prices, and sources say a rule requiring pharmaceutical firms to include drug pricing information in advertisements could be part of the plan. Drugmakers are opposed to the idea, saying it would deter patients from obtaining necessary care and raise legal issues.

Justice Dept. challenges Calif. net neutrality law in court

The Justice Department filed a lawsuit against California after Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that reinstates net neutrality rules the Federal Communications Commission voted in December 2017 to repeal. The department is seeking a preliminary injunction to prevent the California law from taking effect Jan. 1, with US Attorney General Jeff Sessions emphasizing that "states do not regulate interstate commerce."

Construction costs expected to continue ascent over next 6 months

US construction costs have climbed for 23 months in a row, and the trend is expected to continue over the next six months, partly from trade tariffs and increased demand for construction services in the wake of hurricanes Florence and Michael. The IHS Markit PEG Engineering and Construction Cost Index for September rose 3.2 points from August to 62.1.

US shale to remain key driver of global oil supply growth

US shale will remain the largest contributor to global oil supply growth in the coming years, with domestic production seen increasing by 1 million barrels daily through 2021, reports Goldman Sachs. However, the bank warned that shale resources are nearing a breaking point, noting that Eagle Ford and Bakken shale production has already peaked and both plays have less than 30 years of resources left.

Air travelers express varying levels of concern on Wi-Fi security

A survey by The GO Group LLC found 48% of air travelers are somewhat distressed about Wi-Fi security, and 19% are very concerned. The survey found 25% of travelers aren't concerned about Wi-Fi security, and 9% hadn't considered the issue.

Ritz-Carlton celebrates its first ship

Ritz-Carlton floated out the first ship of its Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection last week in Vigo, Spain, during a celebratory event. The still-unnamed, 298-passenger ship will officially launch in 2020.