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Elise Mitchell

Elise Mitchell is the CEO of Mitchell. She is an accomplished strategic communications professional and business leader whose entrepreneurial spirit helped build Mitchell into one of the top 10 fastest-growing firms globally and a two-time Agency of the Year winner, honored by PRWeek and The Holmes Report.

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The key isn’t to avoid fear. It’s to recognize, attack and wrestle it to the ground. Sure, you’ll get scratched up. But you’ll also learn some valuable lessons in the process.

Whether you call it exercising your intuition, having a sixth sense, or going with your gut, your inner voice has your back.

Compromise is essential for business success, especially because we're rarely the sole decision-makers.

You've started and built a business, but now you feel your creative spark is gone. Here's how to refocus.

Embrace your role as a leader to ensure everyone’s full commitment and attention, and follow these nine steps to make the most of your next collaboration.