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Jacie Maslyk and Kristen Nan

Dr. Jacie Maslyk is an Assistant Superintendent focusing on curriculum, instruction, and professional learning. She has served in public schools as a classroom teacher, reading specialist, elementary principal, and Director of Elementary Education over the last 23 years. She is passionate about STEM education and is the author of STEAM Makers: Fostering Creativity and Innovation in the Elementary Classroom. She is an avid user of the Defined Learning project-based curriculum. You can contact Jacie through her website at

An educator for the last 23 years, Kristen Nan’s passion for building relationships with her students, colleagues, and community continues to ignite change for the better. In addition to her current role as a 3rd-grade teacher, Kristen is an author, national speaker, and consultant. With keeping a future-ready mindset at the forefront for every child, she has been recognized as an award-winning educator for innovative practices. You can contact Kristen through her website at

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4 from-home STEM lessons in nature
4 from-home STEM lessons in nature

As educators navigate changes this unprecendented school year, we know project-based learning will be an essential aspect of every curriculum. The right lessons can align PBL, STEM and a love for the outdoors.