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Jennifer V. Miller

Jennifer V. Miller is a freelance writer and leadership development consultant. A former HR manager and corporate trainer, she now covers leadership and positive workplace practices to help shine a light on what’s working well within organizations. Miller offers up tips for leading yourself and others at her award-winning blog, The People Equation.

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Is there a career development perception gap at your organization? Here are five possible reasons that a gap may exist:

Leaders who capitalize on the small moments in their organization lay the foundation for a larger purpose -- to create a culture built on trusting relationships.

How big an ego does a leader need? And what’s the price of overconfidence?

Executive Ritalin: 3 steps that prevent leadership from killing your project
Executive Ritalin: 3 steps that prevent leadership from killing your project

Here is a simple three-step process for staving off executive impatience that leads to killing off promising projects.

Here are four tips to help you make smart, well-reasoned decisions even when the pressure is on.


How can you as a leader use this notion to create a more positive working environment? Here are 10 phrases than can help.

Silence on your team creates disruption, miscommunication and hard feelings. Don’t let problems fester

Whatever the reason, sometimes leaders are rude to others. It happens. And when it happens, you must address it.

Even though you might not directly interfere with your team members’ daily actions, you may still contribute to their lack of productivity.