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Podcast on the results of the AGC/FMI 2019 Risk Study

Listen to the latest episode of AGC of America's (AGC) ConstructorCast podcast: The Evolving Construction Risk Environment. In this episode we explore how the construction industry's risk environment is evolving and what it means for your business. Ryan Howsam, Principal at FMI Corporation, explains the results of the AGC/FMI 2019 Risk Study, highlighting key trends and takeaways. The results shed light onto the shift toward in-house design, including perceived benefits and challenges of building in-house design capabilities. We provide insights into contractors' perceptions around current and future risks, reveal how companies are managing risk differently, and compare this year's results to our research from over the last three years. Search for ConstructorCast in your podcasts app, or stream and download the episode. Also visit AGC's Risk Management Reports & Hot Topic Papers Webpage to access the complete multi-year series on the risk environment in the construction industry.

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