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Learn about the importance of the #HealthCitizenship Movement

We will all be patients someday, meaning that we will all interact at different levels with the biomedical research and health care system. FasterCures believes that this relationship should be a two-way street, with a social contract of responsibilities and rights on both sides. We refer to this social contract, and the movement to empower both patients and the health care system to improve their interactions, as #HealthCitizenship. As patients get involved in the health care system, the system itself should make it easier for them to stay engaged. Three main goals of #HealthCitizen are: 1. Increase public engagement in biomedical innovation and health care; 2. Advocate for the individuals' rights within this engagement; and 3. Establish the responsibilities of the system's institutions (e.g., biopharmaceutical companies, universities, health-care providers). Read more about the movement -- and what FasterCures is doing to push it forward -- on our website.

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