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Ed Marx comments on OpenNotes

For all the talk we have about patient engagement and empowerment, I remain disappointed by the resistance some have with the use of OpenNotes. It is pretty clear that a key to engagement is to encourage active patient involvement and accountability with their treatment. One way you ensure this is through transparency of diagnosis and treatment. I suspect that, except for extreme cases, part of the healing comes from knowing you have some control over outcomes. Clearly the current state of things is not working well enough, so it is time for a change in practice.

As I work on my own wellness, I hit roadblocks from time to time. I appreciate the interactions I have with my primary care doc and my coach as we all work off the same data set. If I have a good result, I see it. If there's a bad result, I see that, too. I now feel as if I am the owner of my health, and my propensity to take action on the data -- or their interpretation of it -- compels me to adapt and change. I can no longer claim ignorance nor ignore the truth on the screen in front of me. The more we democratize the data, especially direct to the patents, the more healing we will see. Then and only then will we start to make material progress in our quest for value-based medicine.